You can expect the first time we meet to focus on questions like:

What do you wish you spent more time doing?

What does your ideal life look like in 5 years?  10 years?

How would you like people to remember you once you pass away?

What joyful childhood memory do you have related to money?


      A start-up fee of $500 - $3,000, and an

annual fee of $1,500-$6,000

thereafter, depending on complexity.

       Once we lay this foundation, we get into the numbers and create a customized financial plan for you.

We don't start with your income or your investments or debt. 
We start with you.

Single Young Professional

Tara is 29, currently single, and works in an education non-profit. She is debt-free, but is working towards buying a home in New Orleans, and marriage is likely on the horizon. She is also just beginning to figure out what it means to save for retirement and how she should best do that. Tara would likely pay a startup fee of $500, followed by a monthly fee of $125.

Married Young Couple

Ron, 34, & Chad, 38, are married. Chad is self-employed as a graphic designer, while Ron works as an attorney and has significant student loan debt. They own a home, and are working to balance Ron’s student loans, adopting a child, and what to do once they adopt the child in terms of child-care or one person leaving the workforce. They would likely pay a startup fee of $1,000, followed by a monthly fee of $250.

Pre-Retiree Educator Couple

Tim and Marsha are both in their late 40's, and want to make a plan for retirement. They are still more than a decade away from retiring, and want a plan for how they can retire with confidence by age 65. They have pensions, $600,000 of savings in 403(b)'s, and social security, but aren't sure how the pieces all fit together. Tim & Marsha would likely pay a startup fee of $1,500, followed by a monthly fee of about $350.


I also offer a stand-alone, one-time comprehensive financial plan.

The cost for that is $1,500 - $4,000, depending on complexity.



Ryan Frailich, CFP® is a New Orleans, LA

based fee only financial planner serving clients here and across the country.

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