Got a group who wants to learn about
a financial topic?
I'm here to help.

I'm a former teacher. I know how to make the complex seem simple.


Topics could include, but are not limited to:

Budgeting and Saving: Aligning your spending and saving to YOUR values.

Retirement Planning: Someday, you may want to stop working.

Basics of Investing: Demystifying the world of investing.

Credit and Debt Management: How do I (re)build credit? How do I get and stay out of debt?

Student loans: What options do I have for repayment?

Rent vs Buy: How do I know what’s best for me? If I buy, what do I need to know?​

Adulthood: I just got my first paycheck. What do I need to know?


       Starting at $500, with discounts for multiple engagements.



Ryan Frailich, CFP® is a New Orleans, LA

based fee only financial planner serving clients here and across the country.

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