How exactly do I help people? Read below to see how I've helped people just like you.

Meet Jill

Jill is 34, single, and started her own small business last year. She owns a home and has rental income from a unit in her home. In addition, Jill has substantial student loan debt. Jill wanted helped figuring out how to put all the pieces together, get started saving for retirement, and plan smart for taxes.

As part of her plan, we:


organized her financial picture into an easy-to-understand summary


put retirement plan in place to aid long-term savings and save on current taxes


switched to an income driven repayment plan for student loans


developed a comprehensive tax plan for her business


opened an H.S.A. to save for medical expenses in a tax-advantaged way


applied for disability insurance to protect her income


Meet Whitney & Rick

Whitney & Rick are in their early 30's and have one child. Both are educators, and have collected multiple retirement accounts at different employers. They have a small inheritance, and are planning for another child in the coming years.

As part of their plan, we:


consolidated all their old retirement plans to one place

developed a retirement projection for their age and goals

created a low-cost, long-term investment strategy

purchased life insurance to protect their family

worked with an estate planning attorney to get estate documents in place

Applied for Teacher Loan Forgiveness on student loans

Meet Austin& Vanessa

Austin & Vanessa are in their 60's and preparing for retirement in the coming years. They have multiple investment accounts, a pension, and are a few years from paying off their mortgage. They have children and grandchildren.

As part of their plan, we:


examined their current spending to understand what lifestyle their assets would support in retirement

consolidated all their retirement plans to one place and lowered investment fees across the board

developed a retirement income plan to minimize taxes and meet R.M.D requirements

conducted a social security analysis to determine the right time to draw social security

updated their estate planning documents & developed a family communication plan with their children

evaluated the impact of recent tax law changes and how it would impact their plans